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Retirement Planning Association, Inc.

Who Are We?


The Retirement Planning Association Inc. (located in South Bend, IN) was founded in 1997 to assist retirees with protection of their nest egg principal with the option of guaranteed income for their life or their spouse’s.


We work with global and national financial giants to assist individuals/couples with finding insured financial products that match their needs.  We offer straight up and easy to understand financial advice.


What we do not offer:

  • Long boring on-line or in person seminars with a bad chicken lunch/dinner and afterwards hound you for an appointment.

  • Confusing DVDs, expensive glossy marketing material which eventually gets thrown out in the trash.

  • Customer Service Representatives who are constantly e-mailing and contacting you by phone for an appointment with their “newest representative.”

  • Any individual investment advice on stocks.  The market goes up and down- you could lose!


    What we do offer:

  • Insurance contracts offered by financial giants which can pay monthly checks for life (for yourself and spouse if applicable).

  • The principal is owned by you, the contract holder, with the principal to be paid to your beneficiaries upon your death(s).


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